Keeping up the pace

Sunday, students had a chance to catch up on sleep, homework, and some attended church services with their host families. Sunday’s rest was in preparation for Monday when we went to the nearby township of Elmina to tour the Elmina slave castle. Originally built as a Portuguese fort in the late 1400s and then enlarged by the Dutch in the 1600s, it is the oldest European building in sub-Saharan Africa. It stands as a sobering reminder of the roughly 300 year triangular slave trade between Africa, Europe and the Americas.

After our tour of the slave castle, also referred to as the dungeon, we went to a nearby ocean side restaurant to talk with a University professor about the history of the slave trade.

Students are preparing theirMabel's table silouette IMG_0320 IMG_0290 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0355 IMG_0349 IMG_0331 IMG_0342 IMG_0321 IMG_0329 homestay presentations for tomorrow and then we will enjoy the beach before we head off to the Volta region and Klikor on Wednesday.


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