Shrine Visit

During our stay in Klikor, we took a trip to visit a Holy Shrine, which is where they are Animists, and they do libation prayers. The priest had us take our shoes off before coming inside, and we made some prayers before introducing ourselves as a group. They told us about how they have these shells attached on a necklace-like material, and they even told us about how we can ask questions about our future, and what it holds for us in the years to come. Papa Geoff in particular, they could sense something about him, and they gave him a few pieces of advice ; first, that he should only eat beans a few times, second, that he should only present kindness and generosity towards the people in his life, and they even made a prediction that he would get money stolen from him. Outside the shrine, there were people dancing for hours and we got to join them for hours, I got a little nervous at first, but it was still fun.
Now I thought the experience was both fun and spiritual, and it opened me up to another form of giving prayers that I simply wouldn’t have known about under any circumstances. When we were first told about the shrine, I was expecting it to look similar to a chapel in a church, or even a temple, but it turned out to be a hut, but I still had a good time there. Before leaving, Godwin talked about how proud he was of us for making this study abroad trip experience worthwhile, and that these will be stories we’ll share with our friends and families, so that too was really nice. All in all, it was a great experience.

by Kobe Busia


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