Enjoying My Stay

Ghana is a country rich with resources, history, tradition, and positivity. So far, I have really been enjoying my time here. The amount of friendly people, delicious fresh food, beautiful handicrafts and interesting culture make it hard to not savor my experience in this underrated African nation. Back at home, I have never heard of anyone saying anything positive about Ghana or any African country for that matter… which is a dear shame because of how wonderful of a place it is! If I asked somebody back home to describe Ghana, they would probably be lost for words. I never really learned anything in school about Ghana, so I also didn’t know what to expect until I stepped foot off of the plane. I had no idea how hot it would be or how often it would rain. But mostly, I had no idea what the people would be like or how different their culture would be from mine. I have been pleasantly surprised and forever satisfied that I chose the Ghana trip over the others. I have been to several countries in Europe and a few in South America and the Caribbean… and Canada. But I have never been to Africa. That is the main reason I chose this trip specifically. I am excited to come home and tell tons of people about my experience here!

By Killian Halpin


2 thoughts on “Enjoying My Stay

  1. Writing from Zambia, way down at the bottom of the continent, I completely understand your sentiments. Africa is so different from the US and Europe! I too am amazed at the people and the general culture. And thrilled to be lucky enough to have this experience.

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