Travel to Klikor

Yesterday we bid farewell to Cape Coast and host families for our six hour journey east to the Volta Region. We made a stop in Accra where we ordered take-away food, and then made our way out of the Accra traffic. Once past the industrial area, more traditional rural villages dotted the road side. We passed a village famous for its pottery, and went across a bridge spanning the Volta River. Klilor and surrounding area is in what appears to be a delta region of the Volta which empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

We arrived at our destination, around 5:00 pm and said farewell to Francis our tro-tro driver, who did a terrific job navigating the road. We thank him. We then met Godwin who will be our host here in Klikor and we were oriented to our home for the next 8 days. We stay in a compound belonging to the former District Chief (DC) and we eat family style as we have a caterer, Nana, cooking for us. I haven’t had a chance to take any photos, but will upload some later today. Students are in class this morning, and after lunch we will make a visit to the chief of Klikor, which is customary and then head to the market. Here in Klikor there are designated market days, and today is one of them.

More later,



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