Drumming, dancing and more

Full day of learning both in the classroom and out in the environment! Morning spent in class getting down nuts and bolts, cultural orientation and Twi language lesson. After lunch we jumped in a tro-tro to head to the nearby Madina market. With it being the end of Ramadan, many men, women and children wore elegant cloth garments and were out enjoying the market air. Drumming and dance workshop with a master drummer from the University of Ghana had us moving and creating wonderful rhythms. We had a crowd of probably 30-40 onlookers, who eventually joined in by the time we were finished. Saying our goodbyes, we headed off to buy water and phones, sim cards and minutes. Many opportunities today for cross cultural communication. Our senses were filled to capacity. Tonight we enjoyed a group meal and we all tried a variety of Ghanaian cuisine.

Internet connection is on and off, but I will attempt to send posts as often as I can.



2 thoughts on “Drumming, dancing and more

  1. Sounds like a great first day! Looking forward to hearing all about the rest of the program and seeing pictures.

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