Final stretch

Students are working on their final exam now, so no posts from them. Tomorrow students will continue to work on their exam and in the afternoon we come together for a debriefing with our very able and much appreciated on-the-ground colleagues, then we’ll gather for a farewell dinner. Saturday is reserved for packing and any last minute nearby errands before we depart for the airport around 5:00pm.

We have learned and experienced so much it is hard to realize its all been within a three week span. The lessons learned while being immersed in Ghana’s warm and welcoming culture will continue to be revealed to us long after our departure. Me daase paa!  and there is special emphasis on the paa which intensifies the message of appreciation. (Thank you very much)


5 thoughts on “Final stretch

  1. Safe travels to all. Please be gentle with yourselves as you go through some very predictable re-entry culture shock. I will look forward to seeing everyone around campus in a few weeks. My door will be open to drop-in reflections on your experiences.

  2. I’d like to thank Peg, Liza, Debbie and Geoff for all your support and guidance theses past six weeks. My eyes are wide open and I couldn’t have had a better experience. THANK YOU!


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