Cape Coast Notes

Our group left GRNA in Accra on Friday the 9th and ventured to the Cape Coast which required a tight fitting tro-tro, Landmark College crew, and two SIT staff members. This being a three hour journey I realized I would have to get comfortable, as we started moving along as usual Landmark students got a bit antsy. The decided to bring back old songs as we enjoyed our lovely tro-tro (the singing lasted quite a while). After this three hour journey came to a close we ended up at the Sammo Guest House which is where we stayed for the next three days, that is quite a lot of three’s. Anyways, we all went to our rooms and settled in, some of us went off to adventure, some wanted to nap Tyler, Kwame, and I (SIT staff) took it upon ourselves to have some manly time out and so we did. After looks at the area with all the crafts shops and local stands and restaurants we decided to relax at the Oasis (a fairly close hotel with a beach). We did what all guys would do and did some window shopping along the beach sands while chilling under a straw or palm umbrella with rotting wood while sitting in thick wooden chairs. I challenged Kwame to a game of pool…I lost, but it was close and that is when we headed back. Following was that was venturing to see the fishing boats and I got to say it was the most amazing thing that I have seen. Ghanaians getting ready to go out to find their designated fishing points where they would fish from early afternoon to early next morning. Later that night we saw an amazing acrobat who ate fire and did things I didn’t think were humanly possible The following day we ventured to the slave castle and boy was I blown away, to think one human can treat another human so harshly, we have no right to do that. After the castle we took a bit of a break and then headed back. The biggest highlight for me though was Sunday’s Canopy walk. Imagine walking across the planks that pirate’s use for hostages except there were ropes on each side of you and a net underneath the planks, oh and also they were lot longer and there were seven of them. If you are afraid of heights though this would not be your cup of tea, I was in the front with three young girls from some big tour group. Overall the trip and fun and the group had a blast!!

By Mike Esposito


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