Off to Cape Coast in the morning

Tomorrow, Friday,  9 August, we are off to Cape Coast for a three night excursion. We have not established where and when we will have WiFi access, but it is on our list of things to explore.  We will find an Internet cafe close to our hostel. We will be touring the surrounding area of Cape Coast which is considered one of the most historical cities in Ghana and home to the Cape Coast Castle/dungeon and University of Cape Coast. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea. Stay tuned for lots of stories.


2 thoughts on “Off to Cape Coast in the morning

  1. You guys going over globalization at all? I’ve been reading this Syracuse Professor’s blog, which talks a lot about the effects of it and American militarism in Africa, among other topics:

    This entry, for example, contextualizes Obama’s recent trip to Africa, contrasting America’s practiced versus preached behaviors in Africa.

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