HomeStay Experience

When I first met Auntie Pa and Uncle John I truthfully didn’t know what to expect, but what I thought I knew and what I learned came to be quite a surprise. As I was riding in car with Tyler sitting next to me Auntie asks a question: “What religion are you?” we both replied “Christian” she got really excited about that. After that she then asked “do you two attend church?” We looked at each other, then back at auntie and replied “yes”. The final question auntie asked was what day we were born (in Ghana each specific day Monday-Sunday has a special meaning and name). I am born on a Tuesday, which once again I could see that glow in auntie’s eyes, because she was Tuesday born too, Tyler was Saturday born. We got to her gated house, there was one big one cut down the middle so both sides open (mainly for cars) and then there was a regular size one off to the side for people to enter. One thing I have to make you aware of is that Ghanaian families will fill you until you can’t eat another bite. I was able to meet one daughter her name was Ester she was 20 years old and her cousin Nancy popped in and out every now and then she was a year younger then Ester. Auntie Pa and Uncle John also had two sons, Michael (28) and David (30?). Both of them are in school, David plans to be a surgeon and I am not essentially sure about Michael. After staying there for a day we started to get used to tis living. My brother Tyler, (as we call each other) was not feeling 100%. Saturday we saw Despicable Me 2 (in the modernized Accra Mall) and then headed home, not much of an eventful day. Sunday though was a different story.

CHURCH DAY ON SUNDAY!! 6:00 wake up 6:30 church starts and ends at 9:30, so I dragged my sleepy self out of bed and put a barely fitting “Tuesday Born” purple colored shirt on and headed out with everyone. When I arrived I dint notice anything unusual, it was a church. I participate in two offering throughout this THREE HOUR MASS, first offering was smaller and the following offering was a bigger one typically. There was one catch, you has to dance down the throughout the whole church (I think it was some kind of dance fever thing) everyone and their grandmother danced with great big smiles across their face and laughter as they marched around. I joined in as well; you have to follow the person with the flag that has the day you were born. I followed a giant purple flag around with Auntie grooving alongside me. Uncle John was sitting back and taking a lot of pictures of us. As this dance continues with loud singing and drumming you feel this warm friendly feeling and you soon join in and don’t be bothered by simple things like being the only white person there. After the dance the priest said “people attending this church for the first time please step forward, don’t be shy” he then said something I didn’t catch until “now I will bless you with holy water. I felt like I was taking a shower… He would dip his water brush and then flick the water towards me and a few others. I felt like though he hit me a few more times extra with the holy water. This overall church experience as well as the general homestay was very enlightening. I learned a lot and enjoyed my time spent with Tyler and my Ghanaian family

by Mike Esposito


2 thoughts on “HomeStay Experience

  1. So fun to hear your voice and experience, Michael! What an incredible opportunity! I don’t even know what day of the week I was born…sounds like it was good that you did.

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