First Days

1st day landing in Accra Africa! The plane ride was successful and enjoyable. This is a big deal coming from a person who is incredibly terrified of flying on planes and needs medication in order to calm down. There were three rows of seats, touch screen televisions, pillows and blankets and two meals served while on the long, ten hour flight to another world. For dinner they was the option of either beef or chicken with rice and fruit and for breakfast they served what seemed to be spicy chicken empanadas, which I was not a huge fan of. In addition, I was also accompanied by my friends and two staff members. This helped me to calm down as well. Once flying over the country and looking out of the plane window was when it really hit me that I was seriously about to experience something like I had never experienced before. I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I could barely stay still. Once we landed, we made it through baggage claim and customs and greeted by a few men who would be helping us the entire time we would be in Ghana. They were very polite and funny. They helped us with our bags and set us up in very small, multey colored taxi’s which would drive our group to our hostel. When we arrived I noticed that the building was very colorful and not like any hotel or motel like one would see in the United States. It was very cute, with yellow wash rooms, bright blue hallways, and no ceiling in the center of the building. I shared a room with my friends, Becky and Jessie. The beds were made from dark colored wood, close to the ground and had blue sheets and pillow cases. It included long, gold curtains all around the room from ceiling to floor, one ceiling fan and marble spotted black floors. Also, there was a desk and chair and some closet space. There was one night stand with a phone and the room had six windows on only two sides of the walls. We ate dinner at the hostel that night as a group. Dinner included white rice, chicken, vegetables and pear soda. I had two plates worth and cleaned the plate each time. After dinner, everybody got ready for bed and hung out then went to sleep. I love what I see in Accra Africa so far!!! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Today is the group’s first real day in Accra Ghana. It was wonderful! We spent most of our day at the University of Ghana, which was a huge, but beautiful, Spanish looking building, with many gardens. We learned about the sicknesses and diseases popular to this area of Africa as well as the dos and donts of how to act and things to say. We had some short breaks and went out for pizza for lunch. It was surprisingly pretty good. Then we all went back to the University for another half hour then left for our first market experience, called the Madina market. This was in my opinion the best part of the whole day. It was like nothing I have ever seen, smelled or experienced ever before. It was completely outside and it was held every day of the week. It was full of loud noises, tons of dust and anything you could possible want to buy, from clothing and electronics to food and house appliances. It was jam packed and over helming but in a very fun way. If you like people yelling at you left and right, funky smells everywhere and dodging holes and cracks in the street, then this is the place for you. Although very crowded and intense, it was also very impressive and an overall good experience.

by Sara Fradkin


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