The experience in the market of Madina and at the edges of the Makola market was
like being in the twilight zone, before I even entered the main gate of the
market their were three men approaching me and trying to sell me all different
types of products such as woodcarvings and flags to paintings and makeshift
necklaces or bracelets.

It gave me a firsthand experience of the
“persistance” that some of the free market sellers have in africa. Even though
they initially all try to rip you off because you are obviously a tourist
because you are white I didn’t really mind giving these enthuastic salesman some
sales because I was able to see the dispairity and poverty throughout my first
couple days being here in Ghana and I do believe in karma in that if you give
back to other people it will be returned to you sooner or later.

This is
the way of life for a majority of ghanaians as our guide papa ata was telling us
this is because their are not a lot of jobs available in ghana so an enormous
amount of people are in the business of buying and selling goods on the street
being here really makes somebody realize that no matter how bad you really think
you have it things could always be worse and this makes me realize that people
should always appreciate the things they have instead of focusing on the things
that they don’t have.

contributed by Tyler Lenahan


One thought on “Observations

  1. Tyler – very astute and informative observations. My family and I had similar experiences and walked away with the feeling it wasn’t whether we bought something but how we respected the situation, people and the process. It does require one to adopt a slightly different mindset. Look forward to more postings from you and other group members.

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