Awaiting Arrival of Group

Now we are headed to the week’s countdown before I will be heading to the airport here in Accra, Ghana to meet the group coming from JFK. They are due to land around 1:30 pm Ghana time on Monday, July 29th. Its an 11 hour non-stop flight from JFK and just a four hour time difference from EST in the States. I’m typing this at 7:30am and its 3:30am in Putney, Vermont. I will also go back to the airport to meet the group of students coming from the Netherlands. They will be traveling Amsterdam to London, then Accra. I have found many historical connections between the Netherlands and Ghana, as the Dutch were here as traders for well over 200 years. More on this in a later post.

The weather here has been very pleasant, with a gentle breeze blowing and just enough overcast sky to keep the scorching sun at bay. It is technically the rainy season however I think its raining in the Atlantic and not reaching land.


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